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My early 20s were a very difficult time for me as they are for many.  I was out on my own for the first time and felt distanced from many of my social supports and had yet to develop healthy coping strategies.  I was meeting a lot of new people, dating and things were in constant flux. I’m sure this sounds familiar to a lot of you out there. In an effort to make sense of the chaos that was my life, I turned to astrology. I began by examining my own natal chart and soon began referencing charts for all of the people who came into my life.  To me, it was a study in human psychology. I began to see intriguing patterns and astrology became a new tool for understanding myself, my relationships and the motivations of others.

For those who are skeptical or uninitiated in the study of astrology, there is  much more than the Sun Sign astrology you see in the horoscope section of the newspaper.  At your time of birth, each planet is occupying a particular space in the sky which is home to a sign of the zodiac. So in addition to your Sun Sign – the sign that most people are familiar with – you also have a Moon Sign, Mercury Sign, Venus Sign, and so on. Each planet falls under a sign that is likely different from your Sun Sign, and each planet governs a different part of your psyche.  I recommend that beginners start out by familiarizing themselves with their “big three” – the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. For this, you’ll also need your birth time and location. Stay tuned for my future post on this topic!

All of these factors combined make up your natal chart, thus named because it is determined at the moment of your birth. The time and location of your birth dictates your rising sign and the corresponding set up of your houses. These govern the different areas of life. The deeper you go into astrology, the more complex and meaningful it becomes, but for now let’s keep things simple. If you don’t identify very strongly with your Sun Sign, chances are you have some contrasting influences in other parts of your chart.

One of the next things I noticed was that over the years, various signs kept repeatedly entering my life and there are a few signs with which I rarely cross paths.  If you look at your own life – the circles you run in, the people you’ve dated, or even your family – it’s likely that you’ll see these patterns as well.  I find that these signs can sometimes correspond to placements in our own charts (our Moon Sign for example) or they can represent lessons the universe is trying to teach us.  

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