by Jennifer Fukushima

Mission & Methodology

A realist at heart, I own that we all have our struggles.  I am interested in hearing about yours.  Together, we can use the tools, symbols and ancient wisdom of astrology to make sense of the journey you are on.  Although I am comfortable leading, the ideal session is co-created, with you bringing your own lived experience to the table.  Through collaboration and shared dialogue, we can reframe your story to uncover opportunities, growth and gratitude.


Fresh out of a significant relationship, I first became interested in astrology in my early twenties as a tool for better understanding myself and those close to me.  Observing friends, family and loved ones, I began to see where the truths of astrology lined up with my lived reality.  In my early thirties, I decided to leave behind a 17 year career in fashion, to pursue a life of deeper meaning.  I immersed myself in the Toronto astrology community and began taking formal classes to build upon my foundation.  At this time, I also enrolled in a psychotherapy program in order to better support my growing astrological practice.  It is my hope to combine the two in order to bring new meaning and possibilities to the lives of my clients.

Credentials, Work & Community Involvement

Studied with Toronto astrologer, Julie Simmons

Studied with NYC astrologer, Meira Epstein

Level 2 NCGR-PAA Certification
-An international organization that supports astrological education, research, testing and certification.

OPC (Ontario Psychotherapy & Counselling Program) 2018-present
-I am currently a student psychotherapist practicing under clinical supervision.

President of Astrology Toronto 2019-present
Secretary of Astrology Toronto 2018-2019
-A local non-profit that works to promote astrological education and to further public understanding of astrology.

Sanctuary Astrologer 2019-present
-An app that offers live, on demand, text-based readings with real astrologers.

MISPA Psychological Astrology 2021-present
-Working towards diploma in psychological astrology