by Jennifer Fukushima

When I tell people that I plan to combine my astrology practice with my upcoming psychotherapy training many people draw a blank and don’t see how the two could be connected.  So today, I’d like to share with you the many ways astrology can work to create a greater sense of balance and wholeness.

There are several branches of astrology and many of them can either serve as investigative psychological tools or as road maps for the future that can give a client peace of mind.  Natal astrology is the study of the natal chart which maps the planetary positions at the native’s exact time and place of birth.  You can get yours by visiting  Unlike newspaper horoscope columns, each chart is unique to the individual, so exploring your chart one on one with an experienced astrologer can be quite fruitful.  The natal chart can be used as a blue print, revealing strengths, weaknesses, inner conflicts, projections and more.

By investigating the natal chart, the astrologer can expedite the therapy process, so what often takes many sessions to uncover can happen in just one or two.  Some clients may be hesitant to share overly sensitive or personal information with a new therapist, but I find that the symbolic language of astrology can act as a tool which allows people to speak more freely.  When they understand that everyone has a Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus and that these are universal archetypal principles, it makes it much easier to explore what their natal placements mean for them personally.


Though the unpacking of the natal chart can be quite revealing, it can also be very affirming for the client to see themself reflected with such accuracy in a concrete and tangible way.  We all have our low points where we may forget what makes us unique and special or we may take it for granted that everyone has these gifts that come so naturally to us.  A quick look at the natal chart and we can easily see where our strengths lie.  This can give way to many productive conversations on how to put these talents to use in order to better our situation or to reveal what our contribution to the world can be.  Likewise, it is important not to get carried away by our own egos and so the natal chart helps us to reflect on areas that may be more challenging.  All astrological signs and placements have both negative and positive significations.  Sometimes it can be that we are stuck in the more negative associations of a placement and by going over some of the more positive ones we can strive to do better and create a goal to work towards.  Thus astrology gives us the tools to examine these areas and the opportunity to work on them.

I find that astrology can bestow a greater sense of meaning and purpose, that we are here for a reason and that life is not so random or chaotic.  There are certain points in the chart and often repeating elements that can reveal our direction in life, what we are meant to be doing and how we can find our place within the larger whole of society.


But perhaps some of the techniques that people are most curious about are the ones that relate to forecasting.  Transits are the astrological weather report so to speak.  They represent the continued movement of the planets after our birth.  Transits clue us in to times when it can be more favourable to undertake new ventures or times when it is best to relinquish control for a little while.  And that’s not to say that we should live and die by the movements of the planets, but it can be reassuring to know that as we plan our future, the universe has our back and that we are going in the right direction and will be supported.  Progressions represent psychological states.  These can be times when we are feeling an added boost of confidence or perhaps the opposite.  Some transits and progressions can be short lived, whereas others can be longer lasting and have life changing implications.  Having a greater awareness of potentially transformative periods can allow us to make the most of these opportunities.  And possessing the knowledge that a low point is only temporary can give us solace that this too shall pass.


From the perspective of the therapist, it can take time to form a bond and figure out what each client needs from us.  By examining the natal chart, we are allowed a great depth of insight into ways we can relate to the client, make them more comfortable and work with them to achieve a greater state of balance and wholeness.

If any of these concepts sound appealing to you, I encourage you to access your natal chart.  There are many online resources that will allow you to glean insight into the symbols and placements mapped out.  And if you’d like to delve deeper with the help of an astrologer, I’d be more than happy to assist.  You can visit my services page to book a reading.

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Illustrations by the talented Molly McAlea

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