by Jennifer Fukushima

Saturn and Pluto will conjoin on January 12, 2020 in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn.  Saturn represents structure, Pluto represents death, rebirth and power.  In the sign of Capricorn, changes to the systems of capitalism, big business, government and the economy are going to be prominent and with Pluto there is no going back.  After this astrological event in January, Jupiter will conjoin Pluto three times near the same point on April 4, June 29 and Nov 12 2020, amplifying the work of Saturn, allowing it to expand, grow and evolve.  Jupiter has the power to magnify events and to exact justice.  This is not a temporary or passing experience.  It will have permanent, world changing consequences.

Whether you play an instrumental role in the bigger picture or not, there is also a lot of valuable insight to be gleaned based on where these transformational events fall in your own chart.  They will have far reaching effects in your personal life, based on the house in which they fall, and for those with personal planets or points close to 22 degrees of the cardinal signs, the effects can be life altering.  Pluto rules power struggles as well as the darker elements of the human experience.  This transit will give you the opportunity to travel to the depths, revisiting old ways of being that are no longer serving you and the limiting beliefs that are keeping you down.  It will be an opportunity for you to step into your power and take control of your life.   

For me, the conjunction falls in my fifth house of dating, romance, creative self expression and sex.  Saturn and Pluto have been travelling closely throughout most of 2019 and I’ve been having a lot of powerful realizations about what this means for me and for many individuals in our culture. 

Trauma is carried in the body.  Whether it’s a result of actual physical acts of violence, or the memories of a partner or loved one who was emotionally abusive or absent, it’s there.  When you’re getting physical with someone, you’re interacting with their trauma.  Safe sex involves not only conversations about health and potential pregnancy but also being able to do the emotional labour to make sure your partner is safe and supported.  Many people want the sex but not the other stuff that comes with it. 

When it comes to knowing our boundaries and what makes us feel safe, we all get a starting point.  Usually this hinges upon what we were taught by our caregivers as children (or not taught).  Many of us were taught to subvert our needs to those of the more powerful individuals around us.  I needed more than anything for an adult to tell me that lots of people will want your body, but they won’t want to know you as a person.  Being exposed to media, culture and society also sends us messages, often of a similar nature.  With recent changes to the sex ed curriculum, many young people are growing up unsupported without the information they need to protect themselves, understand their needs and their own bodies.  With the #MeToo movement, violence against women, consent and power dynamics are being highlighted in a very powerful way we’ve never seen before.  This is a loaded issue on which I’d like to tread very lightly, being mindful of how it has impacted the lives of so many individuals in real and tangible ways.  I simply want to highlight the Plutonian shift in power dynamics.

All that being said, I think we have to be very careful about the way we frame these issues and the vocabulary we use.  We need to find ways to support all people in addressing this issue so that no one feels attacked or threatened.  An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  A lot of the recent politics have been very divisive and what we really need right now is to come together and find ways to foster deeper connection, rather than wider divides in our intimate lives and in the world arena.  We need to find a way to address the issues of our time and the legacy of our culture, moving from a place of love and healing, rather than a place of fear or violence.

I’ve created this set of forecasts based on your rising sign to outline what Pluto’s conjunctions to Saturn and Jupiter will be about.  They are a great jumping off point and can work for many charts, but if you’d like to talk more about what they will mean for you personally, I’d love to connect and offer some insight.  My hope is to find ways to support and guide others to step into their power throughout 2020 and beyond.

Aries Rising

2019 has seen you experiencing growing discontent in your career or professional role.  If you thought you had your dream job, on January 12th you will come to some powerful realizations about where you’ve been unfulfilled and the role you must play in the public sphere.  If fears have held you back from achievement or full self expression in your career, now they are beginning to dissolve.  Your new ideas may seem radical.  They have long been brewing under the surface, so when you finally find the empowerment to release them, it may come as a relief.  If you’ve been compiling research on ways to make your transition a reality, things may begin to pay off as April 4th approaches.  In fact, you were so thorough, scouring every nook and cranny that now you are faced with many options.  On June 29th, you are revisiting your original goals, attempting to weed out some of the background noise while staying true to yourself.  Will this hurricane ever subside?  By Nov 12th, you are an unstoppable force with energy to spare.  Find some outlets to make constructive use of this increase in drive.  Try to be diplomatic in addressing higher ups who have a say in your progress while staying true to your convictions.  You’ve got plenty of time to prove yourself and the staying power to do it so don’t rush ahead in haste. 

Taurus Rising

If you’ve been wavering in your educational goals, unsure of which road to take, January 12th sees you approaching academia with renewed conviction and confidence.  Prior attempts to carve out your direction may have been misdirected, half hearted or quashed.  If education isn’t on your radar, you may come to some profound realizations while travelling abroad.  The customs and beliefs espoused by other cultures are allowing you to see new possibilities for yourself and your connection to spirit.  June 29th sees Jupiter’s first visit to Pluto and you are feeling the expansiveness and power in your new pursuit of knowledge, culture and the higher vibrations of the human experience.  It’s like looking at the world through fresh eyes.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take things in a little bit at a time.  The rest will be there when you’ve got more bandwidth to process.  Around Nov 12th, you find yourself tossing and turning, haunted by visions of the future.  Look within for truths.  What have you been denying?  Where can you take an empowered stance in order to fight for the injustices you’ve observed in your new, expanded consciousness?  Embrace the strength of the empathic approach.

Gemini Rising

There is a storm brewing under the surface and you’ve been having a hard time defining just what’s driving these volatile emotions.  On January 12th, take some space and lean into it.  You may discover that the beliefs of your family or friends have been influencing you far too heavily.  Introspection helps you to trust and be true to yourself.  Stripped naked, you face your fears and refuse to yield to limiting beliefs.  On April 4th, Jupiter conjoins Pluto, bringing mind expanding ideas from a global perspective. With all the new information you may feel overwhelmed.  There is so much valuable insight to be gleaned from the legacies of other cultures.  Around June 29th, you are revisiting some of this new information.  Do the research to really understand what feels right for you and leave the rest behind.  By Nov 12th you are feeling more confident on your path. When a friend challenges you, you may feel caught off guard.  Listen to your heart, as you suss out their motivation for such conflict.  Your true friends will prove their loyalty in time.

Cancer Rising

If you’ve been feeling uneasy in your marriage or partnership over 2019, once January 12th rolls around you will be ready to address the situation as Saturn finally meets up with powerhouse Pluto.  It has taken some time, but you are feeling stronger and more confident in what it is you need from an other.  Feelings of fear are tempered by a new, enduring inner strength around who you are, what you need in love and what you have to offer.  If your relationship is strong, now is a time when you may choose to make major changes.  If you’ve been feeling disconnected for some time, you may need to take space or seek a separation.  It can feel devastating at the time, but you are getting ready to step into your power, starting anew with greater authenticity and healthier boundaries.  By April 4th, Jupiter joins up with Pluto to accelerate the healing process.  Visions of your future partnership are beginning to taking shape, you are feeling more confident in setting boundaries and you won’t settle for anything less.  June 29th may have you looking back on your relationship with tearful regrets, why did you let things get so bad?  This is a passing phase on the road to greater empowerment.  You’ve come this far, don’t let what you worked so hard for slip away.   Nov 12th a work situation needs attention and you are feeling much less tethered to old ways of yielding to the demands of others.  Exercise tact and diplomacy with co-workers and higher ups.  Try to avoid losing your temper while embodying your inner strength.

Leo Rising

It is time to take control of your calendar and step into your power through renewed commitments to health and wellness.  Over 2019, it’s possible that you were running yourself ragged, burning the candle at both ends, and your health has suffered as a result.  Around January 12th you are called to revisit these habits or risk increasingly deteriorating health conditions.  Pluto will act to clear out your old ways of being, including any unhealthy habits, assisting Saturn in rebuilding from the ground up.  Setting boundaries on the number of hours you work and limiting the projects you take on will allow you to recommit to wellness.  If you’ve been working hard to stay focused on your new goals, around April 4th, you are feeling good about increased time at the gym, yoga studio and preparing healthy meals.  However, if you’ve been spinning your wheels, Jupiter may amplify your problems, revealing some harsh realities.  Around June 29th, you are revisiting your progress to see how far you’ve come.  If you’re feeling good about the changes you’ve made, give yourself a pat on the back and see how much further you can take this momentum.  Nov 12th sees you travelling out of the country with a full plate.  Your routine becomes a competing priority at this time.  Remind yourself to recommit rather than losing sight of your goals.  You’ve got the staying power to see this plan through.

Virgo Rising

In January, you make headway in breaking away from old patterns or beliefs that are no longer serving you in the domain of dating and romance.  You are in a place of becoming more aware of what your needs truly are and you are no longer afraid to ask for what you need.  If you’ve been feeling a creative block, this is a time when you are finally able to embrace your practice in new, deeper and more authentic ways.  The essence of your being is seeing a renewal and a rebirth.  Around April 4th, as Jupiter meetings Pluto, you are finally ready to share yourself with the world.  Though you are finally stepping up, you must continue to persevere and put down roots as you chart the course of your new reality in love and in your self expression.  By June 29th you may be questioning if this is the right way to go.  After some deep diving you are feeling ready to share your creative work with the public or hold space for a new love interest.  On Nov 12th, Jupiter and Pluto are back together with a square from Mars in Aries, asking you to go deep with your love interest. You may get some powerful insight at this time as you struggle to grasp what is motivating them.  Challenges and conflict during this time may ultimately yield rewards and deeper understanding.

Libra Rising

This year has the potential to be life changing.  Pluto has been forcing you to metaphorically clean house.  It could feel as though the ground beneath your feet is no longer steady.  You may move homes, go through family changes or simply be feeling as though your safe space is no longer there.  With the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th, it could become clear that there is no going back to the way things were, and you must take control in order to rebuild and secure yourself.  Be sure to look at the issue from all angles in order to fully grasp where you are coming from and how you got to this point so that you can make more empowered decisions on your path to greater stability.  As April 4th approaches, Jupiter conjoins Pluto, allowing you to materialize the hard work and planning undertaken earlier in the year under Saturn’s watch.  June 29th sees you looking back on your past for clues while fantasizing about what the future holds and the two bear no resemblance whatsoever.  Around Nov 12th you may be coming face to face with legal challenges, a former business partner or spouse.  Be true to yourself and embody the new courage you’ve learned to cultivate.  No matter what happens you have the strength to move beyond this blip in the road.  Take a deep breath and remind yourself that with applied effort and endurance, you can finally have it your way.

Scorpio Rising

With Saturn and Pluto in your third house of communication, this year will be about learning to speak your truth.  If you have ever felt restricted or held back in sharing your opinions, feelings or ideas with others, this is the year when things will begin to change.  January 12th, as Saturn conjoins Pluto, you will be revisiting your old beliefs around communication.  If you have any baggage around the way you come across or concerns over being heard, now is the time to take those limiting beliefs and challenge yourself to move beyond them.  If you have been struggling in your relationships with your siblings, this is a time when past issues can be addressed.  These will not be easy conversations to have, but now is the time to have them.  When Jupiter conjoins Pluto, April 4th, you may see some progress on your journey.  The greater benefic brings uplifting vibes and greater confidence even if you need to deliver harsh truths.  On June 29th if you’ve been working hard to address things in the earlier part of the year, your work will begin to pay off in tangible ways through increased clarity of communication or improved relationships.  Nov 12th you may be revisiting themes from April and June, on your path to empowerment.  Your daily workload may increase at this time.  Be sure to stay on top of self care as you continue to open up the lines of communication.  If conflict arises, you can handle it. 

Sagittarius Rising

This year, you will be confronting your fears and limitations surrounding your self worth.  The 2nd house rules your inborn skills and talents, how you value what makes you unique and special and the confidence with which you can ask to be compensated for your worldly contributions.  In capitalistic terms, that’s income.  If there have been any blockages around self worth or money, now is the time to embrace your inner power, pushing past what keeps you down.  If you have had negative friends or family members who’ve minimized your worth, you may have internalized their words.  Under Saturn’s conjunction to Pluto January 12th, you begin to challenge these old beliefs.  By April 4th, you are stepping up and ready to prove yourself to the world, shining with pride in your accomplishments.  This is the year you will finally get that big raise, promotion or contract. If it doesn’t happen in the first half of the year, by June 29th you may be ready to revisit your pay rate or position within the company.  By Nov 12th your creative energy is bursting at the seams, but how will you release the mounting tension?  An adventurous outing or sporting event could prove to be a constructive outlet at this time.

Capricorn Rising

This year is all about you and exploring who you truly are and how to express that to the world.  Self development will be a prominent theme.  If you’ve been hiding behind a false mask, the Saturn Pluto conjunction January 12th will bring you the courage and power to begin to embody and embrace your true self.  Under this transit, consider moving closer to what feels genuinely authentic to you and sharing it with the world.  If you’ve been feeling held back because of what others will think, this is a time when you will embrace the courage to move beyond those limitations.  If you stepped up to the challenge, by April 4th, Jupiter conjunct Pluto will bring gifts of abundance and optimism.  You will be feeling the glow.  However, if you have been resisting the call to follow your instincts, the real push could come now, forcing you out of your shell.  June 29th sees Jupiter returning again to Pluto to hammer home what needs to change, affirming that your life has been altered in marked ways and you will not be returning to the old false self that was no longer serving you.  By Nov 12th family issues enter the picture, and you are confronted with the option to stand your ground or buckle under the pressure.  Stay true to who you are while respecting the individuality of others.  We each have our own path to follow.  They will come around in time.

Aquarius Rising

Night after night, you wake in the wee hours, sweating in a panic.  Your dreams have spiralled out of control, but what are they trying to tell you?  If you have a way of avoiding the more difficult realities of your experience, you may not even realize it.  On January 12th, Saturn makes a visit to Pluto in your 12th house, and things begin to come clear.  It’s time to look under the rug.  If you’ve been neglecting your inner world, you suddenly find the courage to come face to face with reality.  On April 4th, as Jupiter meets up with Pluto you are embracing a new spiritual practice.  Meditation, journaling or psychotherapy are opening you to your inner experience and the power you didn’t know you had.  Around June 29th, you are questioning some of the heavier revelations of the past 6 months.  In your darker moments, it can be a lot to hold, but don’t give up hope.  There is clarity at the end of the tunnel and knowing what you don’t know can be so liberating.  Around November 12th, you are feeling ready to communicate what you’ve learned.  But be careful, not everyone is ready to hear what you have to say.  Learn to temper your passion and insight around those who can’t hold the darker realities of the human experience.  You will find kindred spirits in time who can walk the path with you or allow you the space to fly on your own.

Pisces Rising

With your 11th house lit up by the Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 12th, you will be addressing what needs to change in your friendships and group associations.  Your social ties will be tested and your strongest relationships may get some remedial attention throughout the year while those friendships that have been faltering may fall by the wayside.  If you’ve been fretting over cutting people out for some time, these changes will be met with relief and feelings of empowerment rather than sorrow.  Around April 4th, Jupiter, the judge, appears on the scene asking you to make a final cut.  Without these critical, unsupportive types, you feel much lighter to explore other roads to companionship and social satisfaction.  As June 29th rolls around, you are revisiting your social needs.  You may join a club or take up a new hobby to meet like minded individuals.  As the year progresses, you will be challenging yourself to reach out and rebuild your network feeling increasingly supported as November rolls around.  On the 12th you are feeling the need to re-assert your values but be careful not to assume that everyone should feel the same way you do.  You can agree to disagree.  If conflicts arise with your new friends over this, take some space and resurface when you’re feeling calmer.


To summarize, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are the major themes of 2020, but not the only ones. We also have the Venus and Mars retrogrades, the eclipses and the Jupiter Neptune sextiles to name a few. To find out what these influences mean for your year book your personalized reading.

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