I’m Jennifer Fukushima, a Toronto, Canada based astrologer.  After a 17 year career in ethical fashion design I decided it was time for a change.  Having been a follower of astrology since my twenties, ten years later I decided to delve back in, grow some roots and really immerse myself.  I’ve been studying under Toronto astrologer Julie Simmons and I have my Level 1 Certification with the NCGR-PAA (currently working towards Level 2).  I’m also the board secretary of Astrology Toronto, a local non profit that works to promote astrological education and research and to further public understanding of astrology.

My long term goal is to use astrology as a healing tool.  This fall I am excited to commence studies in psychotherapy at OPC (Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program).

In the meantime, I’m offering astrology readings.  You can visit my services page to book yours today!




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