by Jennifer Fukushima

Get off your computer and into the community with Astrology Toronto’s Astrology Basics Weekend Intensive. Learn the basics, tips and tricks from eight local astrologers and meet other like-minded individuals who are curious and passionate about this ancient art. This intensive is a great opportunity for those people who have always wanted to learn the basics of astrology as well as a refresher to those with greater knowledge. If you already have some expertise in astrology, this is an occasion to experience different approaches to teaching the art of astrology.

-Admission includes a FREE copy of your birth chart
-Learn the basics of reading your birth chart.
-Gain valuable insights into who you are.
-Discover strategies for self-empowerment.
-Learn from some of Toronto’s top astrologers.

Advance tickets (COMING SOON, visit:
$30 for members, $40 for non-members

At the door:
$40 for members, $50 for non-members

Saturday October 26, 9:30-5pm
Elements & Modalities
The 12 Signs
The Planets
Aspects & Chart Patterns

Sunday October 27, 9:30-4:00pm
The 12 Houses & Angles
Your Moon Phase
Delineation & Synthesis
Living Your Planets (Creative Visioning Exercise)

Shannon Cunningham of Shannon Astrology
Twin Souls Astrology by Jennifer Fukushima
Lina Grosso
Julie Simmons Astrologer
Charm Torres – Astrologer
Liz Worth: Tarot Reader + Astrologer
Astrology by Michael Zizis
Tamara Sophia

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